Where Can I Buy a Food Catering Truck?


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Brand new, customized food catering trucks are available from several manufacturers, including Armenco and West Coast Catering Trucks, while previously owned trucks are offered by companies such as USEDvending.com. Potential buyers can browse the options online, receive quotes and make delivery arrangements.

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Where Can I Buy a Food Catering Truck?
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Food catering trucks go by various names, including food concession trucks, mobile kitchens, concession trucks and vending trucks. These trucks are different from trailers, kiosks and carts in that they are entirely self-sufficient and have increased mobility, as noted by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Buyers of food catering trucks must first decide which type of vehicle they are looking for. The two main options, according to Entrepreneur Magazine, are the mobile food preparation vehicle, or MFPV, and the industrial catering vehicle, or ICV. The MFPV carries a higher price tag because it contains a full kitchen capable of preparing, cooking and serving meals within the truck. The ICV, on the other hand, is primarily used by caterers providing food for events, in which case the food is prepared elsewhere, then delivered or served from the catering truck at the designated location. When purchasing a pre-made or customized food catering truck, it is essential to ensure it meets local regulations and health department rules, as noted by the Houston Chronicle.

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