Where Can You Buy Eyelashes for Your Car?


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Car eyelashes are available from retailers that include CarLashes.com and Amazon.com. Amazon.com offers the official Car Lashes products as well as several other options at a range of prices.

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As of April 2015, the prices of the products on CarLashes.com range from $27 for the classic lashes to $100 for lighted car lashes. The website also offers packages that include a set of the classic lashes with a pair of crystal eyeliners for $47. There are different styles of lashes designed specifically for different types of headlights, allowing customers to provide their vehicle's year, make and model when ordering to ensure they receive the correct product. The lashes from CarLashes.com can go through most car washes safely, and the products are designed to stay on vehicles in normal conditions, even on the highway.

On Amazon.com, lashes are available from the official Car Lashes company as well as from various other sellers including GearGraFX and Eyelash Extensions, with prices as low as $7. The sellers on Amazon.com note the sizes and types of vehicle for which their products are available. As with CarLashes.com, Amazon.com also has sellers providing several other car products along with the lashes, such as vinyl eyelash graphics and license plate frames.

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