Where Can You Buy Dry Gas?


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Cristy Drygas can be purchased online at Drygas.com for the price of $10.12 plus shipping and handling for a four pack, as of March 2015. Drygas is also available in 12 pack and 24 pack amounts, with shipping available anywhere in the continental United States.

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Dry gas is an alcohol-based additive that prevents any water in the gas tank or fuel lines of an automobile from freezing in cold temperatures. In addition, dry gas also has the ability to restore combustive properties to gasoline that has been spoiled by water additives. Some states require that refueling stations sell gas that includes a 10 to 15 percent ethanol solution. It is pointless to add dry gas to the gas tanks of vehicles filled with ethanol gas, because ethanol is itself an alcohol.

Cristy Drygas is a gas line antifreeze that prevents icing in fuel systems and ensures easy engine starting, even in the coldest weather. Cristy Drygas aids in proper combustion and aids in keeping the vehicle's fuel systems clean. A 12 pack costs $19.91 plus shipping, and 24 packs are $35.48 plus shipping; both a considerable value compared to the four pack. Cristy Drygas was invented in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1942 by a salesman named Quintin J. Cristy.

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