How Can You Buy Deeded RV Lots?


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The process for buying deeded recreational vehicle lots is the same as for buying a home. Once you close on the property, the title company records the deed with the county recorder. Two common ways developers create these deeds are through condominium-style and the fee simple properties. Upon the creation of a deed, you can buy and sell the lot like any other real property.

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Condominium-style recreational parks work like residential condos. The owner receives a deed for his lot and assumes responsibility for his share of the overall upkeep. If the owner does not pay the required fees, the condominium association may take his deeded lot to cover them. When considering purchasing a condo RV lot, buyers should read the documentation carefully, as some associations hold all the property in common, and only give the member the right to use the air-space. Other setups give the owner two deeds, one for his particular lot and a second that he holds in common with other owners in the RV park for the areas all can access and use.

The fee simple RV lot eliminates any ties to common involvement except what the local laws and zoning ordinances require. Local zoning laws regulate your ability to park an RV on this lot. In some cases, previous owners sign restrictions that limit the current owner's ability to use the property as he sees fit.

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