Where Can I Buy the Best Car Waxes?


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Auto Zone and Amazon.com sell car waxes that CarsDirect has named as some of the best. As of 2015, these include Carnauba Car Wax, Meguiar’s Number 26 and Turtle Wax products.

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Where Can I Buy the Best Car Waxes?
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Carnauba car wax is generally rated as the best overall car wax available to the general public, says CarsDirect. This natural paste wax is made from a plant. It lasts only eight to 10 weeks, but provides an unparalleled shine and is easy to apply and remove. As of January 2015, Amazon.com sells an 11-ounce container of Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Paste Wax, and Auto Zone sells a 14-ounce version.

Meguiar’s Number 26 is another popular car wax, according to CarsDirect. It combines natural Carnauba wax with synthetic car waxes and is available as a paste, liquid and spray. Because it has a yellowish appearance, it is best suited to darker vehicles. An 11-ounce container of Meguiar’s Number 26 Mirror Glaze Hi-Tech Yellow Wax Paste is available on Amazon.com as of January 2015.

Turtle Wax is another of the best car waxes, praised for being hard-wearing and durable yet easy to remove and reapply, according to CarsDirect reports. As of January 2015, both Auto Zone and Amazon.com offer a wide range of Turtle Wax products, including liquids, pastes and sprays.

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