Where Can You Buy a 1967 Dodge Charger HEMI Engine?

Where Can You Buy a 1967 Dodge Charger HEMI Engine?

Online retailers like Promar and Arlington HEMI Engines sell remanufactured, genuine Dodge V-8 engines taken from the 1967 Charger and other Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth muscle cars. Dodge offers complete HEMI crate motors for road and racing use for the 1967 Dodge Charger through its official Mopar parts division.

Dodge's Mopar parts division supports the brand's classic car enthusiast community with several available V-8 crate engines using the hemispherical, or HEMI, design that fit the 1967 Charger. Some engines are street-legal and come with a warranty, while others are designed for racing and are only guaranteed against defects.

Those seeking a genuine engine as originally fitted to the 1967 Charger have three options, with displacements of 318, 383 and 440 cubic inches. Countless online engine vendors offer these motors for sale, so asking Charger owners at enthusiast communities, such as ChargerForums.com, can be a good place to start for recommendations.

Consider the car's value when deciding on an engine. An increasingly rare classic like the 1960s-era Charger sells for much more with a V-8 originally fitted to an actual Charger. A car with its original engine is more valuable still, so also consider having the car's current engine remanufactured.

Engines advertised as remanufactured, rather than as original or rebuilt, often come with more brand-new components. Engine rebuilders commonly inspect a motor then replace only what is necessary to restore proper functioning, while honest remanufacturers replace all parts that commonly fail due to wear and tear. Look for reviews of any engine retailer before buying to make sure its products come as advertised and use quality components.