How Can You Find a British Army Land Rover for Sale?

Decommissioned British Army and Ministry of Defense Land Rovers are available for sale from a number of automotive and equipment dealerships, including L Jackson and Company and Witham Specialist Vehicles, as of 2016. Additional sources for ex-military vehicles and equipment include and GMR Imports.

L Jackson and Company is an automotive sales dealership that specializes in decommissioned military vehicles and equipment. The company purchases vehicles from the British Ministry of Defense, NATO and European Union military and sells them to buyers worldwide. L Jackson and Company uses a variety of international shipping lines and transport companies to deliver products to most parts of the world. Its inventory includes Land Rovers, Reynolds Boughton cargo trucks and Caterpillar graders.

Witham Specialist Vehicles is an automotive dealership that specializes in the sale of decommissioned British Ministry of Defense vehicles and equipment. The vehicles are available for direct sale and at auctions, and Witham offers worldwide logistics. Available Land Rovers include the Tithonus 110 and Defender 130 battlefield ambulance. is a classifieds website that lists for sale military vehicles and equipment from sellers worldwide. Vehicles and equipment include Jeeps, Land Rovers, trailers and obsolete weapons. Available Land Rovers include 110 Defender and S11 models.