Where Can You Find a Bolt Pattern Chart for Rims?


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Online websites such as RoadkillCustoms.com and MyBoltPattern.com have free databases that allow users to find bolt patterns for various models. Another website, Wheel-Size.com, has a bolt patterns cloud diagram to find matching cars.

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RoadkillCustoms.com lets users search by entering the wheel bolt pattern or the vehicle make and model. The bolt pattern information must include the number of lug nuts and the stud spread, or distance between the lugs, in inches or millimeters. The make and model option requires the manufacturer and the exact model, such as a Mustang 6 cylinder or a Mustang V8.

MyBoltPattern.com offers free bolt pattern guides for new and old vehicles, a side by side comparison option and a reverse search. Users input vehicle year, make and model and scroll down to find a list of bold pattern specs for that vehicle.

Users search the Bolt Patterns Cloud on Wheel-Size.com by moving a cursor over the lug patterns and the circle diameters. When a highlighted measurement is selected, a list of vehicles pulls up. It shows the automaker and the various models that use that bolt pattern. An online conversion table for inches and millimeters is available, as is a brief explanation of what the measurements mean.

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