How Can a Boat Steering Cable Be Removed?

A boat steering cable can be removed from a boat engine's tilt tube by disconnecting the link arm and unscrewing the large nut, which is used to attach the cable to the tilt tube in the engine. The cable sometimes doesn't easily slide out. If this is the case, spraying the tube with penetrating oil will help remove it more easily.

Using a small hammer and a block of wood is the best technique for knocking the cable out without damaging anything. It's also very important to not remove the steering cable by turning the steering wheel, as this can cause damage as well. Because of this, using caution is recommended.

In some cases, the steering cable may turn out to be stuck in the engine's tilt tube. Often, this happens because the tube becomes rusted on the inside, preventing the steering cable from being dislodged properly.

By loosening the large hex nut, which is located on the starboard side of the engine, and then cutting the cable's output ram, the cable can be pulled out much more easily. It's very important to not force the cable too much as this could damage the engine in various ways. If this technique does not work, it may be necessary to look through the engine's repair manual as some models may have other necessary information to properly remove the steering cable.