Where Can You Find Your Boat Serial Number?

Where Can You Find Your Boat Serial Number?

Boat serial numbers arelocated on the back, upper right corner of the hull. Identification systemsfor boats are calledHull Identification Numbers, or HINs.

A HIN is the same identification system as a Vehicle Identification Number or VIN, according to HINValid, the website used to validate the authenticity of watercraft identification numbers.

HINs are 12 digits and may have two letters and a hyphen. The letters may identify the country of origin. The HIN should be within 2 inches of the space below the rail in the back upper right and about 12 inches off the side of the boat.

The U.S. Coast Guard enacted a code that requires all boats since 1973 to have HINs. Boats built prior to 1973 may not have this identification number.

Not all HINs look the same. Some numbers will be molded into the hull of the boat and be the same color as the boat. They are approximately 1.5 inches high and 3 inches long.

Another form of HIN is attached with a metal plate held in place with two rivets. The plate is likely stamped or engraved with the HIN number. A third method is to carve or even engrave the number into the hull of the boat.