Where Can I Find Average Costs for Car Maintenance?


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One can find the average costs for vehicle maintenance by looking up charts that measure a vehicle's TCO or True Cost to Own, according to Edmunds. A vehicle's TCO includes, among other things, the vehicle's depreciation, insurance premiums and fueling.

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Where Can I Find Average Costs for Car Maintenance?
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Other factors that increase a vehicle's TCO include the scheduled maintenance found in each vehicle's owner's manual, as stated by Edmunds. TCO also includes repairs for fixing some of the more common issues with specific vehicles. A vehicle's tax amount also affects a vehicle's TCO, as does interest on financing, which is estimated based on a five-year loan on Edmund's TCO calculator. Finally, depending on whether or not the vehicle uses an alternative fuel, it may be eligible for a tax credit, which would lower a vehicle's TCO.

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