Where Can You Find Automobile Logos?

Where Can You Find Automobile Logos?

GearPatrol.com and About.com are two websites providing drawings, names and meanings for automobile logos, as of 2015. GearPatrol.com's list is comprehensive, while About.com targets exotic vehicles.

To access the GearPatrol.com information, select the magnifying glass on the website's top navigation bar, and search for "logo." Click the link to An Encyclopedia of Automotive Emblems on the results page to display an alphabetic listing by car name.

GearPatrol.com relates the history of logos such as the Cadillac emblem, originating from the family crest of Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac, the founder of Detroit in 1701. The logo continues to evolve, its latest iteration influenced by the art of Piet Mondrian. Several origin stories represent Chevrolet's logo. Whether inspired by a repeating wallpaper pattern, another company brand or the symbol of Switzerland, the modified bow tie image designed by founder William C. Durant is instantly recognizable.

To find the About.com information, type "exotic overview makers logos" into the site's Search box. Select the Exotic Car Logos and Hood Ornaments - Exotic Cars - About.com link to view a catalog of logos for unique automobiles.

According to About.com, Rolls-Royce introduced the Flying Lady that has epitomized its brand since 1911 to stop individuals from installing custom hood ornaments. Enzo Ferrari commissioned the Ferrari logo in the 1920s to combine the good luck symbol of a black horse with the yellow of Modena, Enzo's birthplace.