Where Can You Find Automobile Engine Diagrams?

can-automobile-engine-diagrams Credit: Maskot/Maskot/Getty Images

Automobile engine diagrams can be found on Carsut.com, Sun Auto Service and CarParts.com. The diagrams on these sites consist of both illustrations as well as pictures of actual engines with details overlaid on them.

Carsut.com's engine diagram consists of multiple pictures of a real engine, with numbers placed over major parts to distinguish them. Beneath each picture is a numbered list that corresponds to the numbers in the picture and containing a detailed description of each component. More complex parts, or parts that can differ between different engine models, contain longer descriptions compared to more standard parts.

The diagrams found on CarParts.com cover smaller sections of the motor, with each diagram offering a more in-depth description of the part's function. Some diagrams also feature animated movements to illustrate the ways in which they function in an operating engine, along with a description of the process.

The Sun Auto Service website features a basic diagram of an automobile engine, with cutaway sections to reveal internal details. Major components are labeled with arrows pointing to each part so that users know exactly what each section is called. It also features a separate diagram of a pushrod engine that utilizes rocker arms connected to a camshaft to depress a piston.