Where Can You Find Authorized Blizzard Snow Plow Dealers?

To find a Blizzard snow plow dealer, use the Find a Dealer option at BlizzardPlows.com. As of 2015, simply enter a ZIP code or city and state name into the search box to see the closest dealer to a particular location.

In addition to using the Blizzard website to find a dealer for Blizzard products, it is also possible to get more information about the plows Blizzard has available. One option from Blizzard is the Power Plow, which comes in three different models. Made of cast steel, this plow is ideal for 4-by-4 vehicles or medium duty trucks.These plows range in weight from about 925 to just under 1,500 pounds.

If you're seeking out a smaller plow, the Blizzard Speedwing snow plow is an option. This plow is available in two models and is ideal for 4-by-4 pickups. Made of cast steel, the Speedwing plow ranges from about 600 to just under 900 pounds. For homeowners who are seeking out a Blizzard plow for home use with a sports utility vehicle, the Blizzard Sports Utility Straight Blade plow is ideal. Made of steel, this snow plow weighs between 350 to 370 pounds, depending on the model, and is ideal for compact pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles and certain utility task vehicles.