Where Can You Find Articles on Motor Oil Performance Comparisons?


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As of 2016, ConsumersDigest.com, TheWireCutter.com and PQIAmerica.com have articles on motor oil performance comparisons. Consumers Digest and The Wire Cutter both caution to approach oil performance comparisons with scepticism and always rely on the owner's manual. PQI America routinely lists comparisons of four or five oil brands after testing.

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Consumers Digest points out that even on a biased company-promoted motor oil comparison, multiple brands take turn in second place depending on the attribute being tested, proving that some brands are better at specific tasks. After claiming that there's not much difference between most brands of motor oil, The Wire Cutter nevertheless compares brands, including Mobil 1, Penzoil, Castrol and Valvoline. High-end synthetics discussed include Royal Purple, Amsoil and Motul, and The Wire Cutter also discusses comparisons between conventional and synthetic oils. PQI America frequently performs tests on motor oil brands and presents results with consumer alerts for oils with poor assessments.

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