How Can You Apply Sound Deadening to Your Car?

How Can You Apply Sound Deadening to Your Car?

The best way to apply sound deadening to a car is by using a combination of materials. Some of the materials needed for soundproofing a car include mats, damping sprays, foams and insulation.

  1. Place matting in the engine compartment

    Place a mat with a metal foil backing in the engine compartment to reduce vibration and rattling noises. These mats have heat-resistant qualities that make them useful in the engine compartment.

  2. Install matting in the vehicle

    Lay asphaltic sheet mats or styrene-butyadine-rubber mats in the vehicle to reduce vibration. Cover the panels with high-quality mats to absorb the vibration in the panels. Be sure to install mats between panels that are close together to reduce noise. The material absorbs vibrations in the panel, turning them into heat. Some mats also work by lowering the resonant frequency of the panel.

  3. Apply sound deadening sprays

    Apply sound deadening sprays to areas where matting cannot be installed, such as in door panels and irregular crevices. Opt for aerosol sound deadening spray cans, as they do not require a compressor and paint gun to apply. Foam spray is also a good alternative for soundproofing. The foam spray expands as it cures and presses against the panels to produce the desired soundproofing effect. Be sure to mask off or tape windows and upholstery before spraying.