Where Can You Find Answers to Auto Repair Questions for Free?


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Free answers to questions related to auto repair are available on websites such as 2CarPros.com and AutoMD.com. These websites feature archives that contain thousands of answers to a variety of questions through which users can navigate by specifying a car manufacturer or selecting an auto repair topic, including problems with the cooling system or car body damage, among others. These websites also let users ask their own questions.

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On 2CarPros.com, hover over the Questions button in the navigation bar, and select the By Topic or By Make option to filter the questions based on repair topics or manufacturers, respectively. Filtering questions by topic opens a page featuring multiple categories and subcategories. After selecting the desired topic, the website shows a list of questions, sorted from newest to oldest, and the number of answers each question has. To peruse the answers, click on the on the questions. To ask your own question, click on the Ask a Question button, provide your personal information, describe your problem, choose the appropriate repair topic, and select the Free option in the Question Priority section.

On AutoMD.com, use the search field to find answers to specific questions, or peruse the list of questions sorted according to the date they were posted on the website. Similar to 2CarPros.com, this website displays the number of available answers to each question, allowing users to read them by clicking on the desired question.

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