Where Can You Find Advice on How to Repair a Tilt Steering Column?


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The Turbo Regal and Super Chevy websites have step by step instructions concerning how to repair a tilt steering column. Additionally, Steering Column Services' website has a detailed account of tilt steering column repair that includes visual, step by step guide.

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To repair a tilt steering column, first disconnect the vehicle's battery. Take off the steering wheel and the plastic cover. Use a locking plate remover to take off the lock plate. Take out the screws that secure the turn signal and detach its wiring. Loosen the mounting bracket holding up the steering column.

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the on position. Use a pair of pliers to pull out the switch above the ignition lock. Loosen the torx screws and remove the lock, and then take out the three large torx bolts. Remove the housing and the spring assembly below the shaft. Take out the two pivot pins by first threading a bolt in, and then using pliers to pull them out the other side.

Use the tilt adjust arm to tilt the column as far up as possible and to the right, and then remove the housing from the shaft after deactivating the switch above the rod by turning the gear clockwise until the metal spring clip loosens. Tighten the four torx bolts and reassemble the shaft and steering wheel.

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