How Can You Adjust a Steering Gearbox?


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To adjust a steering gearbox, the vehicle must first be raised and the lock nut on the steering box loosened. Use an Allen wrench to tighten up the adjusting stud as a helper turns the steering wheel through its range of motion.

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How Can You Adjust a Steering Gearbox?
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When attaching the Allen wrench to the adjusting stud, you may need to hit the stud gently with a hammer to loosen it. Raise the vehicle so the front wheels rotate freely. Another person must climb into the vehicle and move the steering wheel through its range of motion, while the mechanic lays below the vehicle and observes. The mechanic must watch the movement of the vehicle's pitman arm in contrast to the movement of the rag joint.

Tighten the adjusting stud a few degrees at a time, since incremental changes make a big difference in steering wheel performance. For example, if the wheel cannot return to the center position because the adjusting stud has been tightened too much, the stud must be loosened. When the wheel can return to center easily and does not have a range of looseness, tighten the lock nut on the gearbox while holding the Allen wrench in place. Remove the wrench after tightening the lock nut.

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