Can You Adjust a Carburertor at Home?


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Carburetors can be adjusted easily at home by following proper adjustment procedures. Adjusting the carburetor will allow a user to maintain the proper fuel-to-air ratio their car needs.

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The following instructions explain how to adjust a carburetor.

  1. Remove the air filter
  2. Make sure the engine is turned off and remove the air filter.

  3. Locate the idle mixture screw
  4. Locate and tighten the idle mixture screw until it touches the surface of the emission tube. Then slightly loosen it approximately 1 inch.

  5. Turn on the engine
  6. Turn the engine on and run it. Then lightly tighten the screw until the engine begins to slow, then return the screw back to its midpoint.

  7. Use a tachometer to gauge the speed
  8. Use a tachometer to gauge the idle speed of the engine.

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