Where Can You Find 1996 Impalas for Sale Online?


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A buyer can find 1996 Chevrolet Impalas for sale online through car search sites such as CarsForSale.com, CarGurus and ClassicCars.com. General classifieds sites such as Craigslist and auction sites such as eBay also contain listings for 1996 Chevrolet Impalas.

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When searching for a 1996 Chevrolet Impala on CarGurus, utilize the site's search filtering tools to view a set of listings tailored to your specific needs. These filters allow you to specify your preferences, such as a minimum and maximum sale price, a range of mileage, the location of the seller and car features, such as trim, color and wheel options. In addition to the standard features such as pictures and car descriptions, all listings on the site contain a user-based rating of the dealer selling the car. These ratings are written by site users who have experience with that dealer, though the site does not require proof in order for a user to create a review.

eBay features similar search filtering tools and also includes a seller rating system that is geared more toward individual sellers and not car dealerships. Craigslist, however, does not require its users to create an account before posting to the site. Consequently, it does not offer any seller ratings.

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