How Do You Find the Camshaft Specs for Chevrolet Vehicles?


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The specifications for Chevrolet camshafts are available on CompCams.com or Kendrick-Auto.com. Each website publishes informative articles with specific engine camshaft measurements and general tips about engine assembly and restoration. CompCams.com also publishes books and videos on the subject of Chevrolet camshaft replacement.

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CompCams.com offers Web users access to articles and videos explaining valve arrangement sequences on various Chevrolet engines. Different engine models designed by Chevrolet since the company's inception have varying valve arrangements on their cylinder heads. As a result, mechanics need to use different camshafts for each type of cylinder head. Other common compatibility issues include the resistance of the engine's existing valve springs; CompCams.com recommends installing new springs when replacing a Chevrolet engine camshaft.

Both small block and big block Chevrolet engines feature rocker arms that, if combined with incompatible camshafts, especially high lift camshafts, will provoke camshaft failure due to contact between the rocker arm and the rocker arm stud. When replacing camshafts on a vehicle that features these types of rocker arms, replace the stock rocker arm with either a long slot rocker arm or a roller trunion rocker. Compcams.com also sells rocker arms specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals who are replacing Chevrolet cam shafts. Successful engine rocker arm design and geometry can benefit camshaft performance, particularly when combined with a pushrod of the correct length.

Kendrick-Auto.com is the website of a machine shop based in San Antonio, Texas. The company sells various Chevrolet components and offers machining services.

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