What Are Some Camper Transport Companies?

What Are Some Camper Transport Companies?

Camper transport companies include Showroom Transport, Leap Transport, Dependable Auto Shipping, and Van Eijck International Car Rescue. Many of these companies are generalists, offering to move campers as well as other very large vehicles.

Showroom Transport hails itself as the largest camper transport company in the United States. It has been in operation since 1994 and offers its services to vehicles owners across the continental United States. The company can transport trailers, as well as vehicles that move under their own power, such as mobile homes. As of 2015, the company's website offers free quotes and cost estimates.

Leap Transport's tow truck service includes camper transport. The company's fleet can handle vehicles weighing up to several tons. Like Showroom Transport, Leap Transport offers free quotes at its website.

Dependable Auto Shipping's camper services include both hauling and driving vehicles to their destinations. The company has over 800 contractors on call to tow camper trailers using heavy-duty pickup trucks. It has an additional 400 drivers to move mobile homes and other large vehicles.

Van Eijck International Car Rescue is a European company. It specializes in heavy hauling and towing of a variety of vehicles, including campers and caravans. The company also provides vehicle recovery and roadside assistance to drivers.