How Do You Get a Camper Ready for the Winter?

How Do You Get a Camper Ready for the Winter?

Preparing a camper for the winter involves cleaning the exterior and the interior. Draining water from the pipes, disconnecting the batteries and closing the LP valve are also recommended.

Preparing a camper for the winter will mean less problems when it is taken out again in the summer months. Most of the jobs can be done with normal household tools, although specialist products can be purchased for some of the tasks.

  1. Clean the outside

    The exterior of the camper should be cleaned, including the roof. Applying wax to the bodywork and lubricants to exposed components - like electrics - can prevent damage caused by harsh winter weather.

  2. Clean the inside

    Remove all food, drinks and toiletries then wipe down every surface, including tables and shelves. The fridge should be defrosted and cleaned too. Leaving moisture-absorbing crystals inside can prevent damp and mildew from creeping in.

  3. Close the vents

    Vents should be covered or closed to prevent weather or any animals from getting in.

  4. Turn the water off

    The water should be switched off and drained from the system so that it cannot freeze and burst the pipes.

  5. Disconnect the batteries and close the LP valve

    Disconnect, charge and store all batteries in a dry, safe place. Also close the LP valve and cover the regulator to stop moisture getting in.