Do Any Cadillac Dealers Offer Service Coupons?

Do Any Cadillac Dealers Offer Service Coupons?

There are a large number of Cadillac dealers that will honor service coupons from the Cadillac website. To find all service coupons and the dealers that will honor them, use the "Locate a Participating Dealer" application on the Cadillac website.

Some of the coupons that can be used at Cadillac dealerships include discounts on oil changes, break pad installations and tire purchases. Use the following steps to locate dealerships that offer service coupons.

  1. Go to the Cadillac website
  2. Open the Cadillac website in a working web browser.

  3. Navigate to "Certified Service" under the "Owners" tab
  4. Click on "Certified Service" at the bottom of the screen, then click on the "Service Offers" tab.

  5. Use the "Locate a Participating Dealer" applications
  6. Click on the "Locate a Participating Dealer" link under any service offer to find nearby dealerships that will honor service coupons.