Who Buys Junk Cars?


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Salvage yards and specialized companies buy junk cars. Salvage yards also collect and purchase usable scrap items and car parts. The types of cars purchased, their sales values and how they are used varies between yards.

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Price quotes from different companies can be obtained by submitting a request online, calling the company's main contact number or bringing your car directly to a salvage yard. A few companies offer towing services for free, but most salvage yards deduct the cost of the towing service from the compensation you receive for the car. More money is offered for perfectly functioning cars, but a base price is offered for cars that no longer run. Some companies also work with charities and accept cars as tax-deductible donations.

Selling a junk car offers the seller quick cash for a car that is no longer in use and has little or no value on the open market. It also reduces waste by giving salvage yards more material and car parts. The salvage yard safely removes hazardous fluids from the car then takes it apart piece by piece. Each part is stockpiled into a different category, such as parts to be resold to auto shops and scrap parts to be reused for other products.

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