Is Buying a Used ATV Better Than Buying a New ATV?


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Buying used can be a cost-effective way of obtaining an all-terrain vehicle at a lower cost, but used ATVs may have flaws that make what seems like a good deal a bad purchase. If a warranty is important to a buyer a new ATV is a better option.

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Is Buying a Used ATV Better Than Buying a New ATV?
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There are a lot of factors to take in to account when considering purchasing a used ATV, including mileage or engine hours, maintenance history, parts availability and any repairs that may be needed before riding. New ATVs can cost $11,000 or higher, but it is possible to find used ATVs for sale at powersports dealers for a fraction of the cost of a brand-new model. Some dealers may also include a limited warranty that covers engine problems or parts replacements. A mechanically inclined operator may not be as concerned with a warranty or service plan as a novice operator with little or no mechanical experience, since he may be able to perform maintenance and repairs without the assistance of a professional.

The difference in features between model years may not be great enough for some buyers to justify the additional cost of a newer model year of the same ATV. A savvy buyer who is set on a new ATV may consider purchasing an unused late-model version of an ATV with a newer model on the market. A seller may be more likely to bargain with the buyer to move old inventory.

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