How Do You Buy a Vehicle From Dodge Town Inc.?


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Use Dodge Town's CarFinder to find a vehicle that fits your needs, and let a sales agent guide you through the process. Dodge Town features a specialized search engine on the company website and contacts users by telephone in order to make the buying process simple.

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Dodge Town's CarFinder allows users to search for a vehicle by type, make, model, body style and transmission. After filtering through the various types of vehicles Dodge Town keeps in stock and arriving at a conclusion or list of possible options, enter personal contact data to speak to a sales agent who has reviewed the information and is prepared to guide customers through the purchase and financing process.

Dodge Town explicitly states that CarFinder users consent to be contacted through their use of the platform, and it additionally states that the price advertised on the search engine does not include sales tax, registration fees or other legally required charges.

Additional fields that CarFinder users may use to find specific vehicles suited to their needs include highway miles per gallon ratings, year of manufacture, odometer reading and Internet price. Furthermore, the company also allows its CarFinder users to specify the length of the search period.

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