How Do You Buy Used Mercedes in Germany?


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In Germany, a used Mercedes is purchased through a dealership, private party or online. The process of purchasing a used Mercedes involves paying for the car either with cash upfront or through financing, insuring the vehicle, completing the roadworthy check and finally obtaining the registration.

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Purchasing a used Mercedes through a dealership is less risky than from a private party but riskier than buying a Mercedes new. Dealerships are comfortable with the paperwork and may offer financing. Dealerships also offer the option of trading in a vehicle towards the purchase of a used car. Private parties, either in person or online, offer very little security and leave the buyer on his own to complete the transaction.

After the finances are decided, a buyer must then insure the vehicle and complete the roadworthy check. Insurance is obtained either online or through an insurance office. Due to the country's attention to environmental preservation, roadworthy checks are very strict in Germany. Roadworthy checks verify that the safety and emissions systems on the vehicle work properly. Once the insurance is obtained and the car is deemed roadworthy, the buyer can then obtain registration and legally drive. The registration and proof of insurance must be kept in the vehicle at all times.

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