How Do You Buy Used Cars From Tom Masano?

To buy a used car from the Tom Masano Auto Group, it is best to find a car on the dealer's website and then request more information. This shows interest in the used car and allows an individual to set up an appointment with the dealership.

The Tom Masano Auto Group has more than 1,000 used vehicles available, as of 2015, with cars being added to the used inventory all the time. The website has a number of Internet specials available that offer interested buyers a deal on a used car. All used cars sold by the Tom Masano Auto Group feature a CarFax report that allows buyers to see the history of the vehicle before buying.

People who are interested in buying a used car from the Tom Masano Auto Group can search for the right vehicle by make, body style, price range and more. In addition, prospective buyers can browse based on location or vehicle history. When viewing the search results, buyers can see the make, model and year of a vehicle as well as a photograph and information such as engine type, mileage, price and color. When clicking on the listing, more information about the car becomes available, and the potential buyer can fill out a form for more information or to set up a test drive.