How Do You Buy a Used Car From Stew Hansen Dodge?


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Buying a used car from Stew Hansen Dodge is handled in the same fashion as many other used car dealerships, wherein the buyer selects a car, applies for financing if needed and chooses a payment method. Depending on available funds and credit approval, buyers can pay in full or installments.

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Stew Hansen Dodge allows potential buyers to view its full inventory directly through its website as well as by visiting the dealership in person, as of April 2015. To use the online search function, buyers either conduct a quick search from the site's main page by choosing a make and year or by selecting the view inventory option. A users sorts the listings based on factors such as make, model, year, price range and mileage to view the vehicles that best suit her needs. Each listing contains a picture of the car, a description of its features, and overall condition and tools to compare the listing to others on the site.

Listings also offer a feature to perform a cursory check of the buyer's credit to see if she is likely to qualify for financing on the car. If the buyer decides that she wants the car, she needs to visit the dealership, complete a full credit check application and choose the best payment methods based on her credit and overall finances.

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