How Do You Buy a Used Box Blade?

How Do You Buy a Used Box Blade? and publish classified ads for used tractor box blades. and list new and used box blades for sale, and U.S. Farmer publishes ads for used box blades on its website, as well as ads for other farm equipment, farming apparel and farm news. lists used box blades for sale of all sizes and brands. The company lists equipment for sale through eBay; each listing has a photo, brief description, price and the remaining sale time. also posts ads for used tractors, lawn tractors, tractor parts, heavy equipment and antique tractors. lists used box blades for sale with a photo, price, description and seller information. Interested buyers can contact sellers directly, or they can send detailed messages through the company website. The company posts ads for construction, agricultural and industrial equipment of most types. is a division of Dominion Enterprises. lists box blades that are for sale at, and it provides a photo, description, condition, location and remaining sale time with each posting. Buyers can search listings by product category, manufacturer, model, year and location. The company offers one free listing to new sellers as of 2015. lists tractors, tractor parts, tractor tires, balers and baler parts that are for sale through eBay, as well as tractor manuals and Trimble brand-name navigation technology.