How Do You Buy or Sell a Truck on Craigslist?


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Log onto Craigslist.org and select the Cars + Trucks subcategory in the For Sale category. A specific city must be selected from the main Craigslist page to see these menu choices, as each city has its own listings.

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To buy a vehicle, choose whether to browse vehicles sold by owners or dealerships. Regardless of the one chosen, a listing of all recent ads by users appears, and selecting one causes the ad to appear in its entirety. The title of the ad contains the type of vehicle being sold, along with a specific location in parenthesis beside it. Pictures of the vehicle are attached underneath the title, as well as an in-depth description of the vehicle below. Speak to sellers personally through email with the Reply button toward the top of the screen.

To sell a vehicle on Craiglist.org, create and log onto a Craigslist account and create a new listing. Select the New Posting In option and the corresponding city. Choose the For Sale By Owner option and Car + Trucks. Craigslist asks for a specific location in the city, and once selected, an ad is free to be customized. Follow the blueprint and fill in the required information about the vehicle, and hit Continue to preview the finished ad. Once the preview is acceptable, simply submit it and the ad is displayed publicly.

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