How Do You Buy Seized Cars?


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To find seized cars, it is best to contact a local police department. There are also seized car options available through the government, such as Drug Enforcement Administration auctions or through GSAAuctions.gov.

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Local police departments often have seized cars for sale at auctions, and the best way to find out is to call the local police for dates and details. Police departments also run ads in local newspapers about 90 days before the auctions, and some departments post the information online.

Buyers can find federal government seized vehicle sales in many ways, and there are several agencies that auction off cars and trucks. All of these vehicles are available on the GovSales website, and when using this site, a buyer can search by type of vehicle and location. Photos may appear in the search results, and many of the listings have links to other sites, which may offer additional information on the vehicle.

Private sources are also available for people who want to buy seized cars. These websites feature both national and state government auctions, but may charge a one-time fee to access the listings. However, if a person is serious about buying a seized vehicle, accessing these sites is helpful, as there are many more listings on these sites than on the free government site.

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