How Do You Buy a Scooter With a Dealer's License?


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An authorized dealer is able to purchase a vehicle, scooters or automobiles, at an auction, through a trade-in or wholesale from the factory. Whatever process the dealer chooses, its cost is still discounted from the original purchase price of the vehicle.

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Most dealers make use of the ability to go to the auction and purchase used vehicles from other companies. Although auctions are generally used for cars and trucks, it can still be a platform for powersport or recreational vehicles.

A dealer is also able to purchase a scooter through means of a trade-in. A buyer can bring an unwanted scooter to the dealership and request credit towards a new vehicle. During the trade-in process, a salesman from the dealership will attempt to lower the price of the trade to help keep its cost down, while the owner focuses on newer vehicles.

Another common way dealers use their license to purchase scooters is by buying wholesale. Companies produce scooters in large quantities and set limits on the least amount that can be purchased at one time. Wholesalers also do business with dealerships locally, often creating a network of several dealers in the same area. Dealers that buy wholesale can save on both new and used vehicles.

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