How Do You Buy SBT Japan Used Cars?

Purchase used cars from SBT Japan by creating and verifying an account with the company, then select a car from the available inventory. The company then sends you an invoice for the car, which needs to be paid via wire transfer, and finally ships the car to a specified location.

SBT Japan allows customers to purchase cars directly from Japan through its online interface and dedicated sales team. The company works with each buyer to fill out all the necessary customs paperwork associated with exporting a vehicle from Japan into the United States. The first step in the process is creating an account with the site, which allows SBT Japan to verify your identity and track for orders. You then need to search through the active listings to find a specific car to export.

Once you choose a car, you have the option to request a quote or purchase it immediately. After initiating the purchase process, you receive an invoice from SBT Japan via email, which includes the price of the car and associated fees as well as the purchase account number. You need to take this invoice to your bank and send the payment via wire transfer within five business days or forfeit the car. After paying, the car is exported and must be picked up from a nearby customs agent.