How Do You Buy Replacement Doors for Trailers?


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Buying replacement doors for trailers involves selecting the correct size as well as desired style and color. Retailers such as Mirage, Challenge Door, PPL Motor Homes and Complete Trailers sell replacement doors for trailers.

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How Do You Buy Replacement Doors for Trailers?
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As with doors for a house, replacement doors for trailers come in different sizes. Doors for recreational vehicles typically come in 31-inch, 36-inch or 48-inch sizes.

The next step in choosing trailer doors is selecting the style. For instance, Mirage sells both universal doors and those with a bar lock. Load trailers feature a wide entrance in the back, requiring either double doors or an extra-wide single door. Retailers offer bar- and cam-lock varieties for both options. It's also possible to order a roll-up door.

Doors for trailers can also come with custom accessories. For instance, PPL Motor Homes sells a door that features a pane of glass and an attached screen door. These doors are white, but other retailers feature different colors such as black or beige.

Replacement doors for trailers are available at brick-and-mortar stores that cater to RVs and trailers. Customers can also buy the doors online at websites such as MirageInc.com, PPLMotorHomes.com or CompleteTrailers.com. Ordering through a website requires paying with a credit card and adding shipping and handling to the cost.

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