How Do You Buy a Replacement for a Car Remote?


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Buy a replacement for a car remote by searching for and purchasing one from sites such as eBay.com or finding universal car remote vendors through UniversalRemote.com. The replacement car remote may require additional programming before it functions with your vehicle.

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EBay provides a variety of replacement car remotes that you can purchase immediately via the Buy It Now option if available or can win via a more traditional auction. Users may search for universal car remotes or search for a specific brand such as searches for "Ford car remote keys." If necessary, use the site to narrow down results to a more comfortable price range. The UniversalRemote.com provides information about how its universal car remote functions similarly to a universal television remote and provides a list of vendors that currently sell the product. Contact a vendor near you to inquire about the availability of the remote.

After purchasing a replacement car remote, it may be necessary to reprogram the car remote. You must be sitting inside the car to reprogram the car remote. Insert the car key and turn it to the On position. The vehicle may require you do this multiple times before it enters its programming mode. Press the relevant buttons on the replacement car remote to reprogram it. Afterwards, turn the ignition off to complete the process.

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