How Do You Buy a Railroad Caboose?


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To buy a railroad caboose as of 2016, browse available listings from retailers such as Cabooses4Sale.com, OzarkMountainRailCar.com and RailMerchants.net. These sites contain cabooses of different sizes, prices and materials.

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OzarkMountainRailCar.com lists railroad steel and wood cabooses for sale. Available products on this site include the Reading Railroad Caboose, Office Caboose Reduced, TRRA Transfer Caboose, SOO Line Caboose and more.

Cabooses4Sale.com has different categories for railroad cabooses such as extended vision, bay window, wooden, apartments and Cupola. Buyers can refine search results by cost, condition, design and location. RailMerchants.net displays listings of available railroad caboose complete with matching photos and availability. Enter your ZIP code to find caboose listings nearby.

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