How Do You Buy a Porsche Speedster Replica?


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New Porsche Speedster replicas are usually purchased from replica car manufacturers such as BECK or Specialty Auto-Sports, either fully assembled or in kit form for later assembly. Used Speedsters are also sold on the used car market, most often through dealers and advertising channels that specialize in selling replicas automobiles rather than traditional dealers.

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The Porsche Speedster was a convertible variant of the Porsche 356 sold during the 1950s that featured a distinctive body style and low-profile windshield. The 356 developed a reputation as a high-performance automobile and was driven by celebrities of the time, such as James Dean, making it a popular choice for replica car makers to reproduce.

Replicas are sold in different levels of assembly, from kit cars that need to be fully assembled to rolling chassis that are complete except for an engine. Many replicas use the traditional rear-engine layout of the original Speedster but substitute an air-cooled Volkswagen engine for the similar Porsche engine, while others retain the exterior design of the 356 but use a water-cooled or mid-mounted engine. Boxer-style engines made by the Japanese company Subaru are also popular for use in Speedster replicas due to their similarities to the engines used in the originals.

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