How Do You Buy Old Police Vehicles?


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Those interested in purchasing old police vehicles can do so by attending police-specific auctions. Local police often notify the community when holding such an auction, but potential buyers can also contact their local police departments for more details. Additionally, buyers can try the listings at the General Service Administration or eBay Motors to find old police vehicles that may available at a given time.

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Before attempting to attend a police auction, make sure that members of the general public can bid; some auctions are for dealers and salvage pickers only because the police department may not want to deal with people who don't understand that the vehicle is purchased "as-is" with all of its flaws included. The all-black police car models can be more expensive and harder to find than black and white or all-white varieties because many public buyers prefer the look of the all-black cars.

Police vehicles with cloth interiors and no hanging wires or gaping holes are the most in-demand because they typically carry less wear and tear. Police equipment still in the vehicle can usually add value to the selling price, so those looking for bargains should stay away from such models. Ford Crown Victorias are some of the most common and cheapest former police vehicles available.

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