How Do You Buy a Motorcyle From Walneck's Cycle Trader?

How Do You Buy a Motorcyle From Walneck's Cycle Trader?

As of 2015, publication of Walneck's Cycle Trader magazine has been postponed, but their swap meets have still been very popular. The once very successful magazine has since combined forces with and instead of creating magazines, the company spends its time selling vintage-style posters and murals, as well as organizing events

Instead of using classified ads and other means to allow subscribers the ability to sell their own vehicles, Walneck's host swap meets. Swap meets are gatherings of enthusiasts that come together and sell parts, vehicles and accessories. The swap meets that occur at Walneck's are focused on vintage motorcycle parts and complete bikes. In order to purchase a motorcycle from a swap meet use the following instructions:

  1. Find out the date of the meet
  2. Venture to the events page on and mark down the date on a calendar.

  3. Go to the swap meet
  4. Travel to the swap meet and walk around to see what motorcycles and items are available.

  5. Make a deal
  6. If there are any motorcycles or other items that are appealing, attempt to negotiate with the seller. Most sellers that attend swap meets do not want to return home with their items, so they are generally more lenient on prices. If the price is worth it, purchase the motorcycle or item.