How Do You Buy From LKQ Self Service in Greenville, South Carolina?


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Customers can purchase used spare parts from LKQ Self Service in Greenville, South Carolina, by going to the company's location and choosing from a range of used import and domestic vehicles in their salvage yard. LKQ Self Service expects customers to come to the yard with their own tools and provides access to both engine hoists and wheelbarrows to help customers with larger spare parts. All vehicles in LKQ Self Service are processed in a prep building and drained.

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The LKQ Self Service salvage yard in Greenville, South Carolina, contains various brands of used vehicles, including Nissan, Honda, Ford, Dodge and Toyota. The company typically purchases its stock of used vehicles from tow companies, auctions and insurance companies. Additionally, customers of LKQ Self Service can also sell their personal vehicle to the company and get a free quote by calling 1-800-962-2277 to schedule a pickup time.

LKQ Self Service is part of the LKQ Pick Your Part network of over 70 salvage yards and is considered an inexpensive option for vehicle self-repairs. All of the company's salvage yards typically group vehicles in stock by both model and make, and they are placed on stands to provide better access to spare parts within.

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