How Do You Buy Junk Cars?


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You can purchase junk cars by visiting junk or salvage yards and purchasing vehicles directly or by locating listings on classifieds sites for damaged or totaled cars and buying them from the seller. You can also purchase junk cars from specialized auction sites such as SalvageBid.com

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The choice of how to buy junk cards depends in part on your location and means of transportation. If you live in a highly populated area and have access to a truck with towing capabilities, visit different salvage yards and purchase specific junk cars directly from the yard owner. The tow truck lets you move the vehicle quickly with no need for any third party involvement. When finding junk cars on classifieds sites, if you have access to a tow truck, you can meet the seller, evaluate the car and in many cases immediately remove the car after making the purchase.

If you live in a sparsely populated area or one that does not have any salvage yards, use an auction site to purchase junk cars remotely. This option typically requires making arrangements with another person or shipping business to transport the junk car from the seller to the buyer. When buying a junk car, make sure the title to the car is clear.

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