How Do You Buy a Good Cheap Bass Boat?


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Buy a good quality cheap bass fishing boat by looking for a used boat on sites such as eBay, Boat Trader, Classic Bass and Craigslist. Check that the boat is free of major structural or mechanical issues by inspecting it carefully before purchase.

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Buying a used bass fishing boat is a good way to save money on a boat purchase because used boats are cheaper than new boats due to depreciation, even when they are in excellent condition. However, new boats are sold with a guarantee of performance from either the seller or the manufacturer, whereas used boats are generally sold as-is. This means the buyer understands that some components may have wear, be malfunctioning or simply look worn out.

The way to get a good boat when buying used to is to inspect the boat thoroughly and to ask a skilled mechanic to accompany you to distinguish between major safety issues and minor flaws that are easily dealt with. The general state of the boat is very important when shopping used, and buyers need to check for any signs of holes, rust or damage to the body of the boat. The buyer also needs to find out the mileage on the motor; the more miles, the more likely it is to need repairs.

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