How Do You Buy Copart Salvage Cars?

How Do You Buy Copart Salvage Cars?

In order to purchase salvage cars from the Copart website, an individual must be registered, upgrade to a premiere account or have a deposit on file, submit a business license or locate a broker, search for the vehicles on the site, make a winning bid and then pay for and pick up the car. The process to purchase a salvage car on Copart can be done on a computer or mobile device.

The Copart website offers over 75,000 vehicles on their site at any given time, including salvage and clean title used vehicles. The site is designed for dealers, body shops, dismantlers and personal consumers. The steps below show how to make buy the cars on the website.

  1. Join Copart
  2. Join Copart through the link on the main page. Choose the membership type, either basic or premier, and once the site sends a password, the individual can log on to the site.

  3. Add a deposit
  4. If a premiere account was not chosen during registration, the individual must complete a deposit that is 10 percent of the amount they wish to use for bidding.

  5. Submit a business license
  6. Many of the vehicles on the site require a business license to purchase. For those without a business license, a broker can be located on the site to assist with purchasing the vehicle.

  7. Find a vehicle and bid
  8. Search through the vehicles to find one to purchase and start bidding. When an auction ends, the individual with the highest bid is the winner and arrangements must be made to pay for the vehicle and pick it up from the seller.