How Do You Buy Colorado License Plates?


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Colorado license plates are purchased through the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles offices located throughout the state. Automobile owners must visit a DMV office to complete the vehicle registration process before receiving a license plate. License plates cannot be given or sold from one person to another.

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Standard license plates in Colorado are included in the vehicle registration fees, which include license fees, sales tax and ownership tax. Specialized plates usually cost more. Colorado residents have 60 days from the purchase date to register their vehicle, while those who recently moved to the state have 90 days after acquiring Colorado residency to register. If a vehicle is purchased through a dealership, the dealer typically files the registration paperwork, but the buyer still has to visit the DMV to receive a plate. If the car was bought from a private party or gifted, the new owner must submit the necessary identification paperwork to the DMV in person before receiving plates.

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