How Do You Buy a Chevy S10 4x4 That Is for Sale in Another City?


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Buying a Chevy S10 4x4 that is for sale in another city involves making arrangements for someone to inspect the car and transferring payment to the owner, either electronically or through the mail. The buyer also needs to ship the car or hire someone to drive it.

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The biggest challenging when buying a Chevy S10 4x4 remotely is ensuring that the car is in proper working order. When buying a used car locally, the buyer is able to see the car in person, drive it and examine it for any issues. Since this is usually not possible with remote buying, the buyer may need to hire a mechanic or other party to inspect the car on her behalf. Once she approves of the car's condition, she needs to send payment to the owner. Sites such as eBay contain tools for transferring payment electronically, while some dealers offer other payment methods such as phone-based credit card charges or bank financing.

Another issue with remote buying is retrieving the car. One solution is to pay a shipping company to transfer the car from the seller to the buyer, though this is often costly over long distances. Alternately, the buyer has the option to hire someone to drive the car to her.

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