How Do You Buy a Car on EBay Motors?

How Do You Buy a Car on EBay Motors?

Buying a car on eBay Motors requires finding one to purchase, bidding on it, and setting up the final aspects of the deal with the seller. Some sellers require partial payment and offer shipping arrangements, but consider a transportation service offered by eBay, which allows protection against fraudulent activity.

eBay Motors hosts a platform that allows thousands of cars to be sold around the world. Due to the policies offered by eBay, many of the purchases can be done safely, even in international countries. After finding a vehicle, use these instructions to safely purchase it.

  1. Check the average price
  2. After finding the wanted vehicle, make sure the double check the asking price. Some sellers use a no-reserve auction that allows the vehicle to be sold on cheaper prices, but have the chance of exceeding the average sold price. Become familiar with the market value of the vehicle and be sure to take in the transporting fees for consideration towards to total price.

  3. Communicate with the seller
  4. Use the information the seller has provided and contact them. For larger purchases, it is recommended to call them, but be sure to come to an agreement on cost. eBay's buyer protection policy will still be in effect if the deal turns out to be fraudulent.

  5. Transport the vehicle
  6. Choose how to transport the vehicle to the desired location. Some people prefer flying out to see it while others would rather choose a car transportation service. In some cases, it may be less expensive to pay for a shipping service.