How Do You Buy Bank-Repossessed Motorcycles?


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Bank-repossessed motorcycles are available for purchase through auction sites such as Repodirect and Salvage Bikes Auction. Determine the amount you intend to bid beforehand, and inspect the motorcycle prior to making an offer, recommends WhyBike.com.

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You can search for bank-repossessed motorcycles on Repodirect and filter listings by state, make and year range. View the profiles of listed motorcycles, and make an offer on the site. Research the make and model of the motorcycle you intend to buy to identify common defects and make an informed choice, suggests WhyBike.com.

Before buying a motorcycle at an auction, check its maintenance history to verify aspects such as mileage, paint jobs or accident history, recommends WhyBike.com. Visually inspect a chosen bike for signs of rust, wear and tear, irregularities, and the condition of electronic equipment. Avoid getting too attached to a selected motorcycle and getting into bidding wars, because you may end up paying a premium for a repossessed bike.

On the Salvage Bikes Auction’s website, you can filter bank-repossessed motorcycles by make, model, title type, ZIP code or state. Alternatively, sort listed motorcycles by odometer reading or reported damage. Specify your maximum bid and enlist the help of an affiliate dealer to purchase a motorcycle. The website requires you to sign up for an account and pay a refundable security deposit before bidding on repo bikes.

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